Do you need to register your forklift?

Weekly Newsletter Edition #24

Thursday 19th Feb 2015

"Do I need to register my forklift?"

This is a question we get asked regularly and is one of those questions that can be difficult for us to answer due to the guideline provided by the Queensland Government. Below we have written an example and hope it will help to clear up any confusion surrounding forklift registration. 


Example - Joe at Joe's Heavy Lifting has recently purchased a forklift for use at his warehouse but is unsure of whether or not it should be registered. The forklift will not be driving on roads, but will be unloading trucks on his private property out the front of the warehouse. Does he need to register his forklift?

According to the Queensland law of Conditional Registration Joe's forklift may not need to be registered as it is only being used on a private property. The Queensland law states that a forklift only needs to be registered if it is being used on a road. The definition of a road under the Queensland law is as follows;
  • Railway Crossings
  • Shopping Centre car parks
  • Road related areas, such as foot paths and nature strips
  • Areas open to the public, for use as roads
Below is a picture of Joe's property. Do you think his forklift should be registered? 


As you can see in the picture, even though it is considered private property, the public can still access the site and can also drive around his building, therefore it is considered as a "through road" and accessible to the public to use as a road. 


So the answer to Joe's question is YES the forklift needs to be registered.


If Joe does not register his forklift, he may be fined or if he has an accident he may not be covered by his insurance. This can also cause a lot of other issues for Joe concerning OH&S and WH&S.


To register your forklift you will need to complete a conditional vehicle registration application form and return it to your local transport authority. If you are still unsure whether or not you need to register your forklift please visit this website or seek legal advice as recommended by Queensland Transport.
Another guideline for conditional registration of a vehicle (forklift) is that the tynes of the forklift must be covered when travelling from site to site or driving on the road. Tyne protectors are designed to stop your forklifts tynes from piercing vehicles (or worse) and are a mandatory condition of road travel. Forklift Tyne Protectors are $160 +GST please contact us to order yours. 

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