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Weekly Newsletter Edition #9
Thursday 16th Oct 2014 
The team at Statewide Forklift is happy to announce we are now the proud dealer for MDB's Pocket Lift.

The Pocket Lift is a remote controlled forklift! It weighs 1.5tons and has a lifting capacity of 1.5tons. 

The Pocket Lift was designed to be transported under the trailer of a truck and is very compact compared to other alternatives on the market. It is 535mm in height when the mast is folded down. One of the best quality's of the Pocket Lift is it's size and that it can go anywhere. It is easily transported from one job site to another. No need to hire a tilt tray, as it can fit into the back of a truck or on a small plant trailer quite easily. 

Another great quality about it's size, is that it does not have to take up pallet space in the back of a truck. Therefore you can carry an extra four pallet loads (depending on weight), as the Pocket Lift would be stored under the body of the truck. 

This is a fantastic forklift if you need to load or unload bricks, tiles, pavers or any building supplies in tight or small areas that may be difficult to reach or get to with a normal forklift or crane. The Pocket Lift is only 1300mm wide. The average space between a house and a fence is 1500mm. This is great news if you have clients ordering building or landscaping supplies that need to be delivered to their backyards. 

The Pocket Lift has tracks which means it can drive on gravel, sand, concrete and on grass without leaving tyre marks and with ease. 

It can even tackle slopes up to 30° or more and because it is remotely operated there is no need to put you or your operator in harms way.

To really appreciate this fantastic piece of equipment you really need to see it. It truly is amazing how far technology has come.

Contact us now to book your FREE no obligation demonstration.  

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