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Weekly Newsletter Edition #4 
Thursday 11th Sept 2014 
Hire VS Buy
At some point your business may need to use a forklift and it is at this time that you might ask yourself should we buy a forklift or can we just hire one for what we need?
We have a very extensive range of hire forklifts and we also sell new/used forklifts. Today we are going to tell you about a couple of pros for hiring a forklift.
  • No upfront purchase costs
We hire forklifts on either a short or long term basis. This can save your company on spending the large upfront costs to buy a forklift.
  • No maintenance or servicing costs
We service and maintain our fleet, so our forklifts are always up to safety standards and are in great working condition when hired out. Your hire contract covers the cost of all future maintenance and repairs over the time of your hire agreement, (except for accident damage, misuse and abuse) and we provide relief equipment in the event of a major breakdown.
The above is just a little about why hiring our forklifts will be great for your business. Please contact us today for your hire needs, long or short, we can help you!!
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