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Weekly Newsletter Edition #22
Thursday 12th Feb 2015
There has been some confusion of late from customers on how often you should have your LPG inspections done. We did do a newsletter in regards to this in October last year (see below)We do find that it is a common occurrence when doing LPG inspections that we find slow LPG leaks, The cost of even a small leak or out of tune LPG system over a 12 month period can cost you more $$ in LPG than the cost of inspection, not to mention being downright dangerous! So in short even if safety isn't your worry, wasted $$$ in fuel bills usually are!

Contact us today to book your inspection or to set up a service schedule.

If you're not getting one of these forms every year you're not compliant!

Statewide Forklift LPG Certificate
Do you have an LPG Forklift? Among the many services we offer as a one stop shop for Forklifts, we offer LPG Inspections. LPG Forklifts need to be inspected annually to be compliant with the LPG Act and WH&S. This is also required to road register your Forklift.

Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to carry out LPG inspections and will ensure that you are compliant and fill out all the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

The technician will do a Systems Compliance Check, Tests for Leaks, System Tune-up and printout your Engine Emission stats.

Don't wait until your receive a fine, contact us today for your inspection!

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